The laborious, time consuming packing job! Many home owners just can't find the time to pack their belongings. Most home owners despise the packing job in preparation for the actual move, but Second To None Packing loves to pack your personal property and the hundreds of small items you cherish. The hundreds of items that accessorize your home and make your residence "Home Sweet Home" need to be packed properly.

Our packers provide all of the packing materials. So relax! We not only can move your furnishings, but we can also pack your valuable items and family heirlooms. We have packed large homes with thousands of high value items and studio apartments with only a few items. Any packing job, large or small, receives the same level of attention to detail. Each item is wrapped properly and placed into a clean container to protect the item from the jostling, vibration, and swaying while being transported in the moving truck. If items are properly packed, it virtually eliminates the possibility of damage during the move.
Our packers are trained to handle each item with special care and wrap each piece in clean, packing paper, bubble wrap, or foam sheeting to ensure no surface is contacting another surface which may cause damage; marring, scratching, rubbing, cracking, chipping or breaking. We have seen the consequences of items being improperly packed by other movers, packers, or home owners. It can be heart-breaking to unpack at your new residence only to realize your personal items weren't properly packed. Second To None Packing has the training and hundreds of hours of experience packing our customers' high value property. We understand what it takes to protect your valuable property during the rigors of moving from one location to another. It is imperative to properly pack each and every item in preparation for your move, whether moving to a storage building or another residence.
Second To None Packing...let us take the stress out of packing your many items!
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