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Why Choose Second to None Moving?

Free Moving Estimates - Fremont - Second to None Moving
Free Moving Estimates
We perform in-home estimates so that you get a quote that is close to your true total. And the estimate is free, with no obligation.
Affordable Moving - Fremont - Second to None Moving
Affordable Moving
Our moving rates start at $35/hour/truck/mover. We will recommend the number of movers, trucks, and time your move should take. This rate sets us apart from other Fremont, Nebraska moving companies.
Temporary Storage - Fremont - Second to None Moving
Full-Service Moving Company
We don’t want you to stress about where your move at all. Second to None Moving simplifies the process by offering packing, moving, unpacking, and temporary storage. Your Fremont, Nebraska move just got a whole lot easier.

Moving to or from Fremont, Nebraska? Choose Second to None Moving to get your furniture and things there safely. We are the go-to company for professional and easy moves.

Moving can be stressful for the whole family. So we strive to make our time with you the most pleasant experience you’ve ever had with a moving company. Our moving professionals are the best in the industry. We began moving high end furniture for specialty boutiques, so we know the importance of making sure items arrive in one piece.

A little rain won’t stop us! We’ve performed moves in all types of weather conditions. We won’t let it delay your Fremont move.

Second to None Moving is prepared to move you to or from any type of Fremont, Nebraska property:
  • Houses (large and small)
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Estate Sales
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial Areas
  • Retail Spaces

Is your moving situation a bit out of the ordinary? No worries. We can perform specialty moves for those experiencing divorce settlements, estate sales, will distribution, and trustee settlements.

Price is where we really beat the competition. People assume moving will be expensive, but with Second to None Moving, it’s not. We have all of the packing and moving materials included, and won’t break the bank getting you to or from Fremont.

Let us help you with your Fremont move. Call us at 402-290-0501. We also offer our services in Omaha, Council Bluffs, and Lincoln.